Empowering Aviation Excellence through Global Connections


To facilitate a world-class Air Symposium in Colombo, Sri Lanka, bringing together air forces, aviation experts, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to collaboratively explore innovative technologies, discuss emerging trends, and foster international partnerships

Since its inception in 2015, the Colombo Air Symposium (CAS) has been hosted on six occasions, each curated to match the vision and scale set by the Commander of the Air Force for that respective year. In a bid to provide this symposium with a distinctive and dedicated platform, the current Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshal Udeni Rajapaksa RSP and two Bars, VSV, USP, MSc (MOA) USA, MSc (Def Stu) in Mgt, MA in IS&S (UK), BSc (Def Stu), MIM (SL), AMIE (SL), rcds, psc has taken the initiative to establish a specialized secretariat for the Air Symposium.

The committee, carefully curated under his guidance, brings together expertise and vision to ensure the success and uniqueness of each symposium. The commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous planning and execution led by the following distinguished committee.

Secretary General Air Vice Marshal Thushara Fernando MBA, MDS, B.A. Hons, ndc, psc, PG Dip in Mgt, SWORN Translator, Justice of Peace (All Island)
Deputy Secretary General Air Vice Marshal SDGM Silva WWV, RSP, USP, MSc (Mil Stu), MSc (Strat Stu), BSc (Def Stu), Pg Dip (IR), fawc, rcds, psc
Team Leader - Academics Air Commodore RADTM Weeraratne WWV, RWP, RSP and three Bars, USP, MSc (Def & Strat Stu), MSc (Strat Stu), BSc (Def Stu), fawc, psc
Team Leader - Military Air Commodore SD Jayaweera RWP and Bar, RSP and two Bars, USP, MSc (MOA) USA, BSc (Def Stu), fawc (Pak), psc, qfi
Team Leader - Defence Industry and Media Group Captain WADC Wijesinghe USP, MSc (Def & Strat Stu), BSc (Def Stu), AMIE (SL), psc
Coordinator - Logistics and Sponsorships Group Captain HAD Dias MSc (Mil Stu), Pg Dip (Def Mgt), psc
Coordinator - Foreign Cooperation Group Captain KWNSD Welagedara RSP, MMS (Mil Com-PRC), BSc (Def Stu), LLB, Attorney at Law, psc
Coordinator - IT Group Captain SKHC Sooriyaarachchi USP, MSc (Def & Strat Stu), BSc (Mgt), Pg Dip (Def Mgt), MIM (SL), psc
Secretary Group Captain HMLS Lankathilaka MSc (Mgt),MSc (Def & Strat Stu),MSc (Mil Stu) Ban,BSc (Def Stu) Elec & Eltc Eng, Pg Dip (Def Mgt), AMIE (SL), psc

CAS stands as an optimal platform for academics, professionals, experts, and think tanks to garner international attention while presenting and publishing their articles. In line with this vision, the dedicated secretariat has opened avenues for researchers, facilitating online submissions, engaging in discussions, and advancing their academic excellence. The CAS secretariat is committed to providing a dynamic and inclusive space where scholarly contributions not only find a voice but also resonate globally, fostering a collaborative environment for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and expertise.

Welcome to the Prestigious Colombo Air Symposium (CAS) 2024

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle event of the SLAF calendar - the 'Colombo Air Symposium - 2024.' This exceptional gathering stands as the premier knowledge-sharing platform in the nation, providing a unique space for dialogue on the latest breakthroughs in aviation research and development by global thought leaders.


In its pursuit of excellence, CAS - 2024 aims to broaden its impact by welcoming a diverse audience. Embracing contributions from various disciplines, including our esteemed sister services, the Ministry of Defence, national security think tanks, and foreign service professionals of Sri Lanka, alongside the collaboration with friendly foreign militaries, this symposium ignites a rich and expansive thought process.

Join us in unraveling the challenges of the present and future, as we embark on a journey of knowledge exchange and visionary insights. Together, let us soar to new heights at the CAS 2024.

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