RSP and two Bars, VSV, USP, MSc (MOA) USA, MSc (Def Stu) in Mgt, MA in IS&S (UK), BSc (Def Stu), MIM (SL), AMIE (SL), rcds, psc

As the 19th Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force, it is both an honour and a privilege for me to pen this prelude, marking the launch of a dedicated website for the premier ‘Colombo Air Symposium (CAS).’ This platform stands as a resounding testament to our unwavering commitment to knowledge production nurturing innovation, fostering collaboration, and championing excellence within the aviation community. Serving as a pioneering initiative, it propels the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) into a dynamic journey of knowledge exchange and global connectivity, reinforcing our dedication to advancing the frontiers of aerospace excellence.

Since the inaugural CAS in 2015, the SLAF has successfully orchestrated six symposiums, uniting Air Forces, aviation experts, industry leaders, and enthusiasts. Together, they have delved into the collaborative exploration of security and strategic landscape, innovative technologies, engaged in discussions on emerging trends, and cultivated valuable international partnerships. This ongoing legacy underscores SLAF’s commitment to facilitating a global platform that advances knowledge, innovation, and camaraderie within the research community.

Recognizing the pivotal role of the CAS, I have taken the initiative to establish a new, dedicated website. This platform is designed to meticulously archive all presented papers, complete with author credentials and essential annals. By doing so, this aims to enhance accessibility, showcase expertise, and contribute to the lasting impact of the invaluable insights shared during CAS events.

The carefully chosen themes of the CAS play a pivotal role in navigating the intricate geopolitical complexities within the region. These themes serve as strategic compass points, guiding discussions and insights towards a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities present in the dynamic geopolitical landscape. Therefore, this platform presents a unique opportunity for the SLAF to uphold a central focus throughout each navigational year. By leveraging the chosen themes, the SLAF can consistently steer discussions, initiatives, and advancements, ensuring a purposeful and cohesive trajectory in its endeavours.

This website serves as more than just a digital space; it embodies an academic journal where authors are afforded the privilege to publish and preserve their papers. In doing so, it becomes a repository for scholarly contributions, fostering a legacy of knowledge within the scholarly community.